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The Best Holidays to Enjoy in 2022

Have holidays in 2022 become a debated topic at home? There is nothing better than getting out of our place and travelling to meet new people and places. What if we told you that you can spend wonderful days in the first six months of the year without sacrificing too many rest days from work? This is called taking advantage of the public holidays and “bridges” in Portugal throughout the year 2022. If you have not yet had a look at the public holidays and festive days in Portugal, take a look at the calendar and start preparing now for your holidays until June.

There are many activities and destinations in Portugal throughout the 2022 public holidays and long weekends, particularly in the Algarve region, where you can mix the annual festivities with the sea, the mountains, and the city. Here are some ideas for combining rest days, holidays, and festive days.


Valentine's Day (Monday, 14 February)

Falling on a Monday in 2022, the day that alludes to love and is experienced by all individuals who consider themselves eternal lovers will be celebrated. What makes this day special is that you can start looking forward to the celebrations the weekend before. A journey to the Algarve may be a unique experience in and of itself to break the monotony, but with activities related to the topic, this mini-holiday will be enhanced for the season of love.

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Surprise your Valentine with dinner in the Fortaleza da Luz restaurant, a 17th-century fortification with direct views of the sea, on Valentine's Day evening. Estrela da Luz is only a few minutes away from this restaurant.

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Portuguese Carnival 2022 (Tuesday, March 1st)

Carnival is the greatest time to bring out the night owl in you if you enjoy having fun. Take advantage of celebrations to prolong your vacation, add a weekend, and remain in the Algarve until March 1st. Several cities in the Algarve have festivities planned for this time of year, and there are numerous children's carnival parades in various municipalities in Lagos. In Odiáxere, just 16 minutes from Estrela da Luz, the carnival party adds a lot of fun every year. Odiáxere attracts both tourists and residents, with floats decorated with satirical themes, masked parades, and even musical moments.

The Algarve, a bit further east, hosts Portugal's oldest carnival. Since 1906, Loulé has celebrated the Decent Carnival, as it was known at the turn of the century. Expect floats with political and social satire, parades with lots of humour, and Brazilian music.

Image by Ryan Wallace - Unsplash


Easter in 2022 (Sunday, April 17)

Easter always follows Carnival, and this year it falls in April, with the mildest weather and longest days to appreciate the Algarve's splendour. Book an 11-day vacation in this southern part of Portugal and spend only 5 days of your work holidays. How? April 15 is a Good Friday holiday, while April 25 (Freedom Day in Portugal) is a Monday. You have 5 working days off in between to rest for 11 days. Take advantage of the low season and relax at Estrela da Luz resort.

What can you expect to see this season? During your vacation, stay in Estrela da Luz and explore the various locations and activities that the Algarve has to offer. Do you want to see some examples?

Visit the Roman archaeological station at Luz beach to travel back in time for several centuries. These ruins date from the 3rd to 5th centuries AD and are located right on the beach.

Fortaleza da Luz (Luz fortress) is our second proposal. We had mentioned it before because inside there is a restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and vegan options. Apart from the restaurant, check out the polygonal structure, considered one of the best 17th-century buildings in the Algarve.

For the adventurous or hiking enthusiasts, we recommend a walk on the trail that starts at Luz beach and goes all the way to Lagos. On this path, you will be dazzled by the rock formations and the thousand shades of the sea. You will pass iconic beaches of this region, such as Porto Mós beach, Canavial beach viewpoint, the famous Ponta da Piedade, Camilo beach, with its steep steps and natural landscapes. We continue to Estudantes beach, with its Roman bridge between the rocks, and finally to the fascinating city of Lagos with its narrow streets with Portuguese cobblestones.

Image by Anton Sharov – Unsplash

Summer vacation (June)

June heralds the start of summer, and this month brings with it a few additional holidays to help you make the most of it. June, like April, has two public holidays, or three if you work in Lisbon, Vila Verde, Vila Real, or other cities that celebrate City Day on June 13. Your vacation can begin on a Friday with the holiday of June 10, the Day of Portugal, Camões, and Communities, followed by 4 working days off and a holiday on June 16, the Corpus Christi Day. Rest for 10 days and spend only four of your vacation days throughout the month when the sun is shining brightly.

Among our recommendations for these final days before summer, are beaches that are not overcrowded but are unrivalled in their beauty.

If you've never gone to Vila do Bispo's beaches, you can make your debut in the summer of 2022 at Ingrina beach. For many, this is an unknown beach, with rock formations that beckon divers to explore the nooks and crannies with fins and goggles. The water here is crystal clear and warmer than in the rest of the Vila do Bispo district. At the beginning of the beach, there is a restaurant where you can have your meals. If you prefer, bring your lunch box if you do not want to wait your turn at the restaurant.

There are several deserted beaches in Lagos however, the entry might be difficult due to steps carved into the rock. If you wish to go to a hidden beach, go to Pinheiro's beach or Barranco do Martinho beach. Always be aware of access and high tide times so that everything goes well; check with coastal authorities about these limits before venturing out. Camilo beach is another option that is accessible to everyone. It is surrounded by massive orange rocks, and the sea shades are turquoise blue. The only way to get there is up a difficult wooden staircase, but halfway up you can relax on the benches and take in the scenery.

For the most courageous, we recommend João de Arens beach in the nearby town of Portimão. Like the more hidden beaches of Lagos, this one has challenging access over the rocks. If you prefer, you can get there on calm tides using a small boat, a surfboard, or one of the rental boats known as "Gaviotas" available at Alemão beach (the beach next to João de Arens). You'll see that it's well worth the trip!

Imagem (Camilo beach) by Lukas Talab - Picjumbo

As you can see, you can enjoy 29 days of activities and new destinations in just the first six months of 2022. You are just required to take 13 working days off from your job. This year, there are no reasons not to have fun, relax, and take advantage of all the services that our Estrela da Luz Resort has to offer. Book with us today and learn about our exclusive offers.