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Nature Activities

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Prepare the children for 3 hours of activities, with more than 60 games related to tree climbing. This is an activity at heights, carried out in the trees, with different routes and challenges, such as bridges, networks and slides. The courses have 3 levels of difficulties: Curious (minimum age of 4 years); Adventurer (minimum age of 8 years); Fearless (minimum age 12).

Note: security guaranteed by individual protection equipment and installations

Initiation in Climbing and Rappel with Ropes

On the northern slope of Fóia there are rock formations ideal for climbing and rappelling, for all levels. Climbing aims to overcome an obstacle, natural or artificial, using the feet and hands and the appropriate equipment. Rappel is a descent by a fixed rope, using equipment that allows you to control speed and safety.


Venture out on a playing field with more than 2500m2, inserted in the middle of the forest and filled with a series of natural and artificial obstacles. The minimum age to participate is 10 years and each participant will have 150 colored balls, with the possibility of recharging and complete equipment.

Note: If you want to play, but have no team or opponents, you can be included in a group, just inform.


If you like to walk along trails and valleys, then we have the ideal option for you. It is possible to organize hikes in the Serra de Monchique with trails from 4km to 20km. The most popular walking routes are:

Bica Boa | Fonte Santa | Bica Boa
Semedeiro | Picota | Caldas
Monchique | Foia | Monchique

Mountain Biking

If you are a bicycle lover there is always the option to go through some trails on a mountain bike. Starting at the top of Fóia at 900m altitude, there are 4 options for downhill routes from 15km to 30km. Choose what you want: Downhill Cross Country; Radical Tour; Sports Tour; Sightseeing Tour. Ask the reception for more information.


For a day dedicated to enjoying life in nature in a peaceful way, nothing like a canoe trip on the streams and dams of the Monchique area. Knowledge of the various flows and tributaries allows the practice of canoeing safely

Zipline / Slide

Slide on a steel cable, using an appropriate pulley, between the trees, chasms and precipices of the Serra de Monchique.


Sharpen your ability to concentrate, coordinate vision and movement, with the practice of archery. You will have all the necessary equipment and an instructor to teach you in safety.


You can choose from several ways to orient yourself along the Monchique trails. You can choose to do a rally paper, a peddy papper, a bike paper or a treasure hunt. Discover the clues that will enable you to be successful

Bird Watching

The rich biodiversity found in the Serra de Monchique allows several ornithological species to make this place their habitat, such as: Bonelli's Eagle (Hieraaetus fasciatus), Cobra Eagle (Circaetus gallicus), Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo), Dark lark (Galerida theklae), the Warbler (Warbler), the Black-and-white Papa (Sílvia communis), the Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis) among many others.

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