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environmental responsibility

Protecting our Planet doesn't take a vacation!

We want to contribute to a planet where future generations can enjoy their stays in beautiful places like our Algarve. After all, we are all guests of Planet Earth!


We know that sustainability is vital and that there is an urgent need to think about practises that will help us keep the planet clean. We believe that together we can contribute to a better world by engaging inside and outside our resorts. We challenge you to take care of our planet during your stay by following our suggestions.

Sustainable measures and recycling are issues that are implemented in every resort of the CDBResorts group. As a company, respect for the environment is part of our routines, and it is already a habit regularly transmitted to you during your stay.


All apartments and townhouses in the group have recycling bins, as do communal areas such as swimming pools, garages or gardens. We want to encourage you to proceed with the correct recycling, making the information available next to the marked containers.

We have chosen to use recycled and certified paper in our promotional communications, however, when possible, we choose digital means to transmit any information about CDBResorts to you.

Renovations and improvements

Protecting our planet is a continuous team effort. One of our daily goals is to ensure that the resorts are 100% environmentally friendly. We recognize that this is not an impossible task, and we feel we are getting closer to it every day!

The renovation of our apartments and townhouses is done to provide you with maximum comfort and ensure energy efficiency. We want our properties to have a pleasant thermal sensation through the correct use of building materials, which significantly reduces the use of air conditioning. All properties and common areas have natural light coming from the windows, avoiding the use of artificial light during the day. All the light bulbs in the resort have been replaced with energy-saving bulbs.


One of our concerns is the scarcity of this essential and precious resource. Our objective is for everyone at our resorts to practise responsible water consumption.

For this to be a reality, relevant information was posted at each property for the efficient use of water and we count on your help to achieve this. Simultaneously, an internal management strategy for dramatically reducing our water use has been created.

All taps are equipped with a flow reducer to limit excessive water outflow. We have also reduced the use and washing of towels, resulting in less detergent consumption as well.

Single-use plastic

Beyond recycling, we must avoid using new packaging made of plastic or other materials.

We know that drinking water is essential for the proper functioning of the body, but this should not imply the use of disposable packaging. Opt for our glass bottles, which you can reuse at the filtered water taps in our resorts. Fill them up as often as you like and take the bottle to the beach.

In our apartments and villas, you will find eco-friendly refillable dispensers instead of the traditional shampoo and shower gel bottles, thus avoiding the excessive use of disposable plastic.


Local and seasonal products

The consumption of local and seasonal ingredients is important in economic, social and environmental terms. For this reason, in our dining areas, meals are prepared with products with these characteristics. We support the development of the local economy and reduce our ecological footprint by avoiding products from other countries.

We would also like to invite you to consume local and seasonal products outside of our resorts. Ask at the reception of your resort where you can best buy these products.