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Water Parks


This water park has many new features, such as the New Big Wave, the latest generation of attractions that combines zero gravity and speed. In addition to all the entertainment there are also many other attractions:

  • Birds of Prey - Watch the exciting presentation of birds of prey in which falcons and eagles soar in free flight
  • Parrots and Macaws - A colorful and lively show, marked by the aerial acrobatics of these birds
  • Reptiles - Have the opportunity to learn more about various species of reptiles and live exciting moments.

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This water park divides its attractions into entertainment zones. Just plan your day to make the most of:

  • Adrenaline Fun - Numerous attractions to drop down, quick with buoys, slide along the 92 meters long Kamikaze, or surf to the end of the pool
  • Family Fun - Try down on mats, enjoy the surf beach with waves or swim in the giant semi-Olympic pool
  • Kidzworld - The little ones have two totally new children's pools, with multiple tracks in castles, fountains, different animal figures and everything that children's imagination can create. There is also Rainbow Park, with small slopes and slides in shallow water
  • Chill Out & Play - Aqualand has the Congo River to regain energy. So, sit on the float and let yourself be carried by the 270 meters of calm waters.

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