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Yoga Morning Sessions

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Imagine breathing fresh air in the morning, feeling the first rays of sunlight and being in complete harmony with nature while practicing yoga.

CDBResorts wants to combine your vacation time with this ancient practice that promotes total balance between the mind, body and spirit .

In the gardens of our resorts, with group classes , or in the quiet of your apartment, with private classes , the objective is to have rehabilitation and performance classes with our instructor. Classes are suitable for people of all ages and various levels of physical fitness.

The practice of yoga is sequential and progressive throughout the classes, therefore, regular training is important for correct body posture and the general well-being of the body and mind. Sessions at CDBResorts include the use of accessories that assist in asana postures and encourage meditation in action throughout the class.

Group classes will be held outdoors , in the gardens of the Estrela da Luz, Baía da Luz and Jardim da Meia Praia resorts .

Private classes take place on the terraces ou inside your holiday apartment .

Enjoy an experience of connection with your “I” and with nature during your vacation in Lagos.

Book your Yoga classes at one of our resorts now .